Used Bulldozers and Graders for Sale

Quality Used Bulldozers In Stock
Used Bulldozer

Plant operators and site managers will be pleased to hear that SJH All Plant Group stocks bulldozers for sale in a variety of makes and models.

There’s such a good range to choose from, most plant operators are able to find what they need straight away. In addition, each bulldozer is priced extremely competitively, so you can be sure that you are getting a good deal for your money.

Used Dozers Available Now

SJH are also the proud stockists of a selection of quality used dozers, again in different makes and models. With a high turnover of stock and new stock being delivered everyday, it should be simple to find a dozer to suit your plant. If not, SJH All Plant Group have the knowledge needed to quickly source a dozer from elsewhere, thus ensuring that you are able to move forward with your project swiftly.

We always Have a Wide Range of Caterpillar Bulldozers in Stock

Are you looking for a decent caterpillar bulldozer? SJH All Plant is sure to have the caterpillar dozer to suit your needs. As a company experienced in the field of plant hire and sale, SJH are experts at choosing only the best quality equipment for your plant. In addition, the company pride themselves on providing dedicated customer service, so they won’t rest until you are satisfied with your choice of caterpillar dozer. There’s also no need to worry if you need a dozer quickly, as SJH All Plant are used to working to tight deadlines and we are sure to help.

View Our Current Stock of Used Used Bulldozers and Grader below:

1995 Caterpillar D4H
Year: 1995 Hours: 13000 Make: Caterpil... Model: D4H LGP Price: £21,500
Year: 2007 Hours: 10050 Make: Komatsu Model: D65PX-15... Price: £39,500
Caterpillar D9
Year: 1989 Hours: 11304 Make: Caterpil... Model: D9 Price: £57,500
Condition: Used Hours: 5520 Make: Caterpil... Model: D5H Price: £21,500
2007 Caterpillar D6N LGP
Year: 2007 Hours: 12461 Make: Caterpil... Model: D6N LGP Price: £48,500
2010 KOMATSU D61PX-15
Year: 2010 Hours: 8404 Make: Komatsu Model: D61PX-15 Price: £44,500
Condition: Used Hours: N/A Make: Clevelan... Model: 400Wheel... Price: £26,500
Condition: Used Hours: N/A Make: Caterpil... Model: D10 Price: £58,000
2011 KOMATSU D65PX-16
Year: 2011 Hours: 6900 Make: Komatsu Model: D65PX-16 Price: £68,500
2008 CAT D5G XL
Year: 2008 Hours: 11500 Make: Caterpil... Model: D5G XL Price: £39,500
2000 KOMATSU D65PX-12
Year: 2000 Hours: 17604 Make: Komatsu Model: D65PX-12 Price: £23,500
Year: 2009 Hours: 9700 Make: Caterpil... Model: 14M Price: £112,500
Year: 2009 Hours: 3870 Make: Liebherr Model: PR764 Price: £149,500
2009 CATERPILLAR D7R XL c/w Ripper
Year: 2009 Hours: 11834 Make: Caterpil... Model: D7R XR s... Price: £99,500
Condition: Used Hours: N/A Make: Caterpil... Model: 16G MOTO... Price: £26,500