Aaron Fensome


The youngest member of the SJH All-Plant team, Aaron still boasts an impressive three years' experience in selling plant and other heavy machinery – unsurprising since he moved to SJH after soaking up the experience of his first job at a rival plant machinery company, which gave him a taste for the business.

Aaron's responsibilities include overseeing the company's advertising, negotiating sales of all kinds, making the best possible deals with suppliers and placing art orders. He also can be found sourcing shipping quotes and – if he manages to get a moment – updating the company's website.

Aaron says that his top priorities in the workplace are ensuring customer satisfaction, securing cost effectiveness for SJH All-Plant, and contributing to the smooth operations of the company, all of which, hopefully, leads to a relaxed working environment for all members of staff and customers alike.

Despite being the youngest team member, fully committed to sales and orders,  Aaron has many other strings to his bow. He is very keen on music and music production, keeps a healthy interest in cars and loves spending time with friends and family.