About SJH-All Plant Auctions

Auctions will be held once month on  a Wednesday starting at 10.00 and finish on the Friday of the same week at 1200 noon.

If you have created an account already you can login here otherwise you can register for a new account here. Once the account had been approved you will need to pay a deposit of £250 via our online system or via credit card over the phone before you can place bids. We can either return your £250 deposit or we can hold on to your £250 for the next auction or if you win an item use it as part of your payment towards it.

All auction items:

  • HPI Checked


The deposit can either be paid via PayPal, over the phone by card or by bank transfer.

PayPal: To pay via PayPal please click the link below which will take you to your "My Account" page (it may ask you to login if your not already), and click "Make £250 deposit", this will then take you to PayPal where you will need to login to your PayPal account to make the £250 payment.

Go to My Account

Phone: To pay via card, Please call us on +44 (0) 1480 890 005. We can then take this £250 payment over the phone and we can activate your account for bidding.

Bank Transfer: To pay via bank transfer please contact us on +44 (0) 1480 890 005 or email us at auction@sjhallplant.com. We can then provide you with our bank details where once we receive the £250 payment we can activate your account for bidding.

You can view all auction items here.

How the bidding system works

All bids will be in multiples of the minimum increment. All items begin at a low starting price so it is feasible that an auction can be one with just one single bid.

Users can place a maximum bid that will be used should another user place a bid on the same item.

Bidding example:

Note: In this example the lot has a minimum increment of £250, but the minimum can vary from lot to lot.


Starting price: £250

User-x: Places an initial bid of £250

User-y: Places a new maximum bid of £1,000

The current bid displayed is now £500

User-x: Place a new bid of £750 (being the minimum increment)

Pop up telling user that they are not the winning bidders as the have been pre out bid

User-x: Places a new maximum bid of £1,000

Pop up telling user that they are not the winning bidders as the have been pre (equal) out bid

User-x: Places a new maximum bid of £1,250

User x is now the current high bidder, the current bid displayed is now £1,250

Auction end

The auction will end at the stated time, unless a bid is placed with 5 minutes of the auction end time. In this instance, the auction for that item will be extended by 5 minutes from the time the latest bid was placed.


Whether you are buying from our stock or bidding in our new timed auctions we are dedicated to meeting your requirements, we are able to offer a door to door service, by this we mean;


  • We have our own heavy haulage lorries so whatever the size shape or weight of your items we will be able to transport it ourselves which means we can offer you in house prices which can work out considerably cheaper.


  • We can dismantle any machine if required. We have lots of experience in loading plant into containers and onto lorries so rest assured our team will get you loaded, you are in good hands


  • We have access to a number of tried and tested reliable and affordable freight forwarders who will take care of shipping, documents and customs requirements giving you peace of mind and simplifying the process.  


Please get in touch and let us know whatever it is that you need. We will endeavor to  make this as simple and stress free as possible for you!