Jasmine Hall


Jasmine is the first point of contact for most customers upon entering the premises of SJH All-Plant, so she is determined that their first impression is a good one. Jasmine is always ready to greet clients with a smile and to do everything necessary to make them feel welcome.

Originally trained in the hairdressing and beauty sector at college, Jasmine soon realised she wanted a different path in life, and after trying work as a carer and cleaner, ended up under the watchful eyes of Carlie Coton and Sue Prcychodny, who are teaching her all they know about the company and administration in general. 

As well as staffing the reception desk, Jasmine answers the phones, processes purchase orders, creates invoices and puts them onto the Sage accounting system. When there's a spare moment, she's on hand to make other staff a refreshing cuppa!

When not helping things along at SJH All-Plant, Jasmine likes meeting her friends down the pub and spending relaxing days with her mum at the spa. She's also a keen festivalgoer.