Stephen Hudson

Company Director

Stephen has spent his entire working life immersed in the construction, heavy plant and home-building business – playing a key hand-on role for more than 18 years. He began his working life by plunging “in at the deep end”, beginning at the tender age of 15 with sales and acquisitions, before moving into construction, project management and commissioning.

This experience has proved invaluable when it comes to moving SJH All-Plant forward. With such practical knowledge he has an eye for spotting the best machinery and keeping prices for the highest quality gear both realistic and competitive. His experience also means that he is able to identify and solve potential issues before they become a problem, and also to resolve any other problems which may arise. He also believes in leading by example and setting the highest standards for his staff to follow, with clear objectives.

Stephen says: “I and all of us at SJH are passionate about what we do, and we hope that's reflected in the business. We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied and are not satisfied ourselves until that is the case.

Another side to the business is providing opportunities for enthusiastic young people keen to enter the world of construction and make a career out of plant hire. Having started out at the bottom some 18 years ago, Stephen likes to give such people as much encouragement as possible to achieve their own potential.

Stephen is also a Director of construction company Gill-Hudson Homes.