Used Doosan Excavators & Loading Shovels For Sale

SJH All Plant offers used Doosan excavators to all our customers. As we have a wide selection of stock on our 20 acre site we are sure to have the Doosan excavator or Doosan loading shovel that you require. If not, it is simple for us to order it in from elsewhere as we have contacts with other suppliers across the UK.

Simply give us to call or browse through our website to find the right used Doosan excavator.

Second Hand Doosan Excavators in Stock in the UK

If you are looking for second hand Doosan excavators UK, you have come to the right place. All our Doosan excavators have been checked to ensure they meet the exacting standards we demand of all our used stock. We also work hard to price each excavator fairly, to ensure you get good value for money. The competitive prices of all our excavators reflect not only the value of the product, but the care which has been taken to ensure they are fit for purpose. We understand just how important it is for you to be able to get on with the job straight away.

Quality Care and Service

Those looking for used Doosan excavators for sale will be relieved to hear that as well as providing quality machinery, we at SJH All Plant also pride ourselves on our door-to-door service. Your every need is taken care of during the purchasing process, so you can concentrate on doing you job rather than worrying about organising drop offs and pick ups. Ensuring good customer service is our number one priority.

View Our Current Stock of Used Doosan Excavators Below:

Year: 2013 Hours: 6579 Make: Doosan Model: DX225LC No bids
Year: 2014 Hours: 4312 Make: Doosan Model: DX140LC Price: £33,500
Year: 2014 Hours: 3579 Make: Doosan Model: DX80R No bids
Year: 2014 Hours: 4818 Make: Doosan Model: DX140LCR... Price: £39,500
Year: 2014 Hours: 4832 Make: Doosan Model: DX380LC-... Price: £82,500
Year: 2013 Hours: 5503 Make: Doosan Model: DX140LC Price: £32,500
Year: 2014 Hours: 4480 Make: Doosan Model: DX225LC-... Price: £48,500
Year: 2011 Hours: 7566 Make: Doosan Model: DX140LC No bids
Year: 2013 Hours: 8531 Make: Doosan Model: DL200-3 Price: £36,500
Year: 2014 Hours: 3861 Make: Doosan Model: DX80R Price: £31,500