Used Dumpers

You will be pleased to hear that SJH All Plant Group has a wide selection of dumpers available now in many different makes and models for your perusal. With much experience in the field of sourcing dumpers, we have the skills and expertise you need to find the right plant for your job.

Used Dumpers Now Available

It may be the case that your project requires a used dumper. We understand it can be a tiresome and costly process to find the best dumper to suit the task in hand. That’s why we offer a tailored customer service approach, to ensure we know exactly what you need. Our high stock turnover means that if we don’t have an item on site we are able to quickly locate one from elsewhere, a process that usually only takes a few days. Please rest assured that your project’s demands will be met at SJH All Plant Group.

Variety of Good Quality Dumpers for Sale

As well as used dumpers, we have new dumpers for sale as well. So, if you would prefer to source a new model, then you can be confident that we will have what you need. At SJH All Plant, our focus is always on getting things right for the customer. As a client-focused company, we ensure customers are always satisfied with their purchases. In addition, we carefully select the dumpers we choose to stock, so you will certainly get good value for money.

View Our Current Stock of Used Dumpers Below:

Year: 2013 Hours: 1578 Make: Wacker N... Model: 9001 Price: £13,500
Year: 2002 Hours: 4634 Make: Hitachi Model: CG65D Price: £38,500
Year: 2015 Hours: 1048 Make: Thwaites Model: 6 Ton Sw... Price: £13,500
Year: 2012 Hours: 2055 Make: Thwaites Model: 6 Ton Sw... Price: £10,995
Year: 2017 Hours: 934 Make: Terex Model: TA9 Price: £17,750
Year: 2008 Hours: 1991 Make: Benford... Model: PT6000 Price: £6,500
Year: 2010 Hours: 2718 Make: Thwaites Model: 6 TON ST... Price: £7,995
Year: 2012 Hours: 2347 Make: Thwaites Model: 6 Ton Sw... Price: £10,995
Year: 2013 Hours: 2426 Make: Thwaites Model: 9 Ton St... Price: £11,750
Year: 2012 Hours: 2478 Make: Thwaites Model: 6 Ton Sw... Price: £10,995
Year: 2015 Hours: 727 Make: Thwaites Model: 3 Ton Sw... Price: £8,995
Year: 2017 Hours: 1080 Make: JCB Model: 6T SWIVE... Price: £18,250