Excavators and Used Excavators in Stock

Are you in need of an excavator or a used excavator? Then you’ve come to the right place. We at SJH All Plant Group are renowned for our quality and affordably priced plant options.

Take a look through the site to see what’s on offer. Remember, if we don’t have it in stock we can easily order it in for you.

Excavators for Sale Now

There are many times when a project will require an excavator. Trying to find the best model to suit the job can be a trying experience. That’s why we at SJH All Plant Group endeavour to listen carefully to your needs and match you up with the best model. You’ll see that we have a wide range of excavators on site, and you can be confident we can quickly source excavators elsewhere.

Mini Excavators in Stock

We stock a selection of mini excavators from well known brands alongside our standard range. All of the mini excavators are top quality but priced affordably, so you are certainly getting value for money when you choose to buy from SJH All Plant.

Used Excavators Also for Sale

If you prefer to purchase a used excavator, then you will be pleased with the smart selection we have on site. All the used models are still in perfect working order, so whichever one you choose you can be assured you will be able to get on with the job straight away. We have many years’ experience in assessing and purchasing machinery and equipment, and we use this experience to ensure we sell only the highest standard of plant.

View Our Current Stock of Used Ecavators below:

Year: 2006 Hours: 12150 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX250LC Price: £24,500
Year: 2010 Hours: 9000 Make: Volvo Model: EC140CL Price: £37,500
Year: 2016 Hours: 6448 Make: Komatsu Model: PC210LCI... Price: £59,500
Year: 2006 Hours: 10000 Make: Komatsu Model: PC600LC-... Price: £59,500
Year: 2015 Hours: 10072 Make: Caterpil... Model: 336FL XE Price: £89,500
Year: 2009 Hours: 12526 Make: Caterpil... Model: 325DL Price: £46,500
Year: 2000 Hours: N/A Make: Caterpil... Model: 375L Price: £42,500
Year: 2016 Hours: 2694 Make: Doosan Model: DX140LCR... Price: £37,500
Year: 2018 Hours: 3658 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX210LC-... Price: £72,500
Year: 2013 Hours: 9480 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX290LC-... Price: £47,500
Year: 2005 Hours: 15000 Make: Caterpil... Model: 365BL Price: £54,500
Year: 2011 Hours: 10200 Make: Caterpil... Model: 336DL Price: £62,500
Year: 2017 Hours: 2574 Make: Takeuchi Model: TB250 Price: £26,500
Year: 2015 Hours: 6888 Make: Caterpil... Model: 320EL Price: £59,995
Year: 2014 Hours: 9628 Make: Komatsu Model: PC700LC-... Price: £129,995
Year: 2016 Hours: 4692 Make: Komatsu Model: PC210LCI... Price: £64,500
Condition: New & unused Hours: 5 Make: Liugong Model: CLG 915... Price: £44,500
Year: 2009 Hours: 10000 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX350LC-... Price: £52,500
Year: 2012 Hours: 7719 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX210LC-... Price: £34,500
Year: 2011 Hours: 8842 Make: JCB Model: JS220LC Price: £36,500
Year: 2012 Hours: 8308 Make: Hyundai Model: R145LCR-... Price: £22,750
Year: 2003 Hours: 8960 Make: Volvo Model: EC210BLC Starting price: £8,000
Year: 2016 Hours: 6000 Make: Hyundai Model: R300LC-9... Price: £59,500
Year: 2018 Hours: 3134 Make: Komatsu Model: PC290LC-... Price: £94,500
Year: 2016 Hours: 5326 Make: Kobelco Model: SK140SRL... Price: £42,500
Year: 2018 Hours: 2749 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX130LC Price: £52,500
Year: 2008 Hours: 12000 Make: Komatsu Model: PC240LC-... Price: £37,500
Condition: New & unused Hours: N/A Make: Doosan Model: DX225LC-... Price: £96,500
Condition: Used Hours: 11584 Make: Hitachi Model: EX600LCH... Price: £34,500
Year: 2007 Hours: 11000 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX130LC-... Price: £22,995
Year: 2017 Hours: 4142 Make: Hyundai Model: HX220L Price: £59,995
Year: 2017 Hours: 3129 Make: Hyundai Model: HX330L Price: POA
Year: 2014 Hours: 8174 Make: Hyundai Model: R140LC-9 Price: £23,750
Year: 2017 Hours: 4331 Make: JCB Model: JZ140LC... Price: £34,995
Year: 2017 Hours: 4098 Make: Komatsu Model: PC170LC-... Price: £56,500
Year: 2013 Hours: 9000 Make: JCB Model: JS330LC Price: £39,500
Year: 2012 Hours: 8987 Make: Caterpil... Model: 329EL Price: £64,500
Year: 2015 Hours: 8485 Make: Volvo Model: EC300DL Price: £66,500
Year: 2013 Hours: 8418 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX350LC-... Price: £55,500
Year: 2013 Hours: 7057 Make: Komatsu Model: HB215LC... Price: £39,995
Year: 2012 Hours: 9034 Make: Doosan Model: DX520LC Price: £57,500
Year: 2016 Hours: 4413 Make: Hyundai Model: HX300L Price: £64,500
Year: 2003 Hours: 14115 Make: Komatsu Model: PC450LC-... Price: £36,500
Condition: Used Hours: N/A Make: Hitachi Model: EX800lc-... Price: £36,500
Year: 2005 Hours: 11000 Make: Volvo Model: EC360BLC Price: £26,500
Year: 2010 Hours: 8304 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX130LCN... Price: £24,500
Year: 2016 Hours: 5568 Make: Kobelco Model: SK210LC-... Price: £59,995
Year: 2016 Hours: 5350 Make: Doosan Model: DX225LC-... Price: POA
Year: 2015 Hours: 8746 Make: Hyundai Model: R220LC-9... Price: £39,995
Year: 2009 Hours: 12000 Make: Case Model: CX240LC Price: £27,500
Year: 2016 Hours: 3862 Make: Doosan Model: DX530LC-... Price: £124,500
Year: 2015 Hours: 6640 Make: Hyundai Model: R220LC-9... Price: £41,500
Year: 2013 Hours: 10599 Make: Volvo Model: EC380DL Price: £56,500
Year: 2008 Hours: 15000 Make: Caterpil... Model: 330DL Price: £47,500
Year: 2017 Hours: 4070 Make: Hyundai Model: HX220L Price: £59,995