All Mini Diggers and Midi Diggers Available

Used Mini and Used Midi Diggers
Used Mini and Used Midi Diggers

SJH All Plant stock many mini diggers and midi diggers from a range of preferred suppliers. We offer a competitively priced line of diggers and we endeavour to assist you in selecting the digger most suited to your needs.

With a high turnover of stock we regularly update our digger collection, so even if you can’t find what you are looking for online, we will be able to locate a digger for you elsewhere.

Mini Diggers Ready to Buy

We have lots of mini diggers for sale. If you are in need of a mini digger then you will be interested in perusing the selection we have on offer in our online store. Remember that if you can’t find the mini digger you are looking for straight away, we are happy to try elsewhere on your behalf. If you have any questions or if you are unsure as to what make of mini digger would be best suited to the task in hand, give us a call for an informative chat today.

Used Mini Diggers in Stock

SJH All Plant Group are pleased to announce that we stock a selection of used mini diggers, all of which are in good condition. Our focus on providing good customer service means we won’t rest until you are happy that you have made the right choice with your purchase.

Midi Diggers Online Today

Alternatively, you may be looking for a midi digger. If so, you have come to the right place. SJH All Plant Group is pleased to offer you a superior selection of midi diggers from top brand names. Have a look through our website to find out more.

View Our Current Stock Used Mini and Used Midi Diggers Below:

Year: 2014 Hours: 4226 Make: Volvo Model: ECR88D Price: £34,500
2014 Doosan DX80R
Year: 2014 Hours: 3861 Make: Doosan Model: DX80R Price: £31,500
2013 Kubota K008
Year: 2013 Hours: 1310 Make: Kubota Model: K008 Price: £8,500
Year: 2010 Hours: 5887 Make: Takeuchi Model: TB175 Price: £19,995
Year: 2015 Hours: 1606 Make: Kobelco Model: SK17SR-3 Price: £13,250
2011 JCB 8085 Eco (8.5m Long...
Year: 2011 Hours: 4359 Make: JCB Model: 8085 ECO Price: £29,995
2014 Doosan DX80R
Year: 2014 Hours: 3576 Make: Doosan Model: DX80R Price: £31,500
Year: 2010 Hours: 7596 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX85USB-... Price: £25,500
2011 JCB 8050 RTS
Year: 2011 Hours: 1639 Make: JCB Model: 8050 RTS Price: £18,995
Year: 2013 Hours: 4630 Make: Doosan Model: DX80R Price: £26,500
2008 Hitachi ZX60USB-3 CLR (8...
Year: 2008 Hours: 3823 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX60USB-... Price: £22,750
2012 JCB 8055 RTS
Year: 2012 Hours: 2612 Make: JCB Model: 8055 Price: £19,750
2012 Volvo ECR88
Year: 2012 Hours: 2800 Make: Volvo Model: ECR88 Price: £27,500
2015 Kobelco SK17SR-3
Year: 2015 Hours: 1321 Make: Kobelco Model: SK17SR-3 Price: £13,250
Year: 2009 Hours: 7101 Make: Hitachi Model: ZX85USB-... Price: £24,500
2016 JCB 8008 CTS (EX DEMONST...
Year: 2016 Hours: 60 Make: JCB Model: 8008 CTS Price: £10,750
2015 Bobcat E62
Year: 2015 Hours: 2171 Make: Bobcat Model: E62 Price: £29,500
Year: 2015 Hours: 524 Make: Takeuchi Model: TB228 Price: £19,995