Carlie Coton

Accounts Manager

Carlie has been with SJH All-Plant for more than 11 years - encompassing her entire working life. She is a classic example of working your way up, starting out on reception as she puts it “the one who serves the tea”, and rising rapidly to her current position as Accounts Manager and the first point of contact for staff and many clients when it comes to financial issues and queries.

Carlie firmly believes the customers come first and is dedicated to the maintenance of smooth operations and a happy and enjoyable working environment. She says: “It is important to me that clients know that they can rely on SJH All-Plant when it comes to the all-important financial side of our business. If people have any worries at all they can speak directly to me.”

In her time at the SJH she has found herself taking a role in almost every aspect of the business, which gives her an all-encompassing awareness of the firm and the nature of the work involved. However, she is most comfortable when it comes to the financial side of things, and her talent in this area has led her to study accountancy formally, leading to a fully-accredited qualification with the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) as well as membership of this professional organisation. This provides Carlie with full authority when it comes to performing accounting, tax and financial advisory services.

Despite this impressive breadth of knowledge, Carlie remains friendly and approachable, always on hand to offer advice and information. She works hard to ensure that budgets are respected and stuck to. If that wasn't enough, she is an official First Aider too!