Used Komatsu Excavators For Sale - UK Stock

Used Komatsu Excavators For Sale
Used Komatsu Excavators For Sale

Are you looking for used Komatsu excavators? We have a wide range of used Komatsu machinery available on our 20 acre site. Even if you cannot find what you need in our extensive selection, we will easily be able to source it for you elsewhere.

As a general rule of thumb, our high stock turnover and the fact that we have new stock coming onto site everyday means that we will be able to help you straight away.

Second Hand Komatsu Excavators

SJH All Plant’s used Komatsu excavators, all of which are affordably priced, can be delivered to any site in the world. As a worldwide company, we are happy to cater to your needs, wherever you are. In addition, we provide a door-to-door service, so you will not need to arrange any pick up or drop offs. Anyone looking for second hand Komatsu excavators UK need look no further.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

As with all our products, our used Komatsu excavators for sale are guaranteed to provide you with 100% satisfaction. Here at SJH All Plant, we are committed to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with each and every purchase. With years of experience in the field of plant machinery sale and hire, we are able to use our expertise to supply you with the knowledge and advice you need to make the right buying choice. Why not give us a call today to find out more about what we can do for you?

View Our Current Stock of Used Komatsu Excavators Below:

1998 Komatsu PC750SE-6
Year: 1998 Hours: N/A Make: Komatsu Model: PC750SE-... Price: £64,500
2007 Komatsu PC600LC-8
Year: 2007 Hours: 9282 Make: Komatsu Model: PC600LC-... Price: £79,500
2011 Komatsu PC210LC-8
Year: 2011 Hours: 8327 Make: Komatsu Model: PC210LC-... Price: £37,500
2011 KOMATSU D65PX-16 ( 6 WAY...
Year: 2011 Hours: 7900 Make: Komatsu Model: D65PX-16 Price: £69,500
2007 Komatsu PC450LC-7
Year: 2007 Hours: 10805 Make: Komatsu Model: PC450LCD... Price: £58,500
Year: 2012 Hours: 7400 Make: Komatsu Model: PC450LC-... Price: £72,500
2015 KOMATSU PC490LC-10
Year: 2015 Hours: 5778 Make: Komatsu Model: PC490LC-... Price: £149,500
2009 Komatsu PC600-8
Year: 2009 Hours: 9519 Make: Komatsu Model: PC600LC-... Price: £88,500
2007 KOMATSU D65PX-15
Year: 2007 Hours: 15091 Make: Komatsu Model: D65PX-15 Price: £39,500
Year: 2008 Hours: 10683 Make: Komatsu Model: D61EX-15 Price: £42,500
2011 Komatsu PC240LC-8 Demolition Spec
Year: 2011 Hours: 6794 Make: Komatsu Model: PC240LC-... Price: £39,500
2014 KOMATSU D61EX-23
Year: 2014 Hours: 6501 Make: Komatsu Model: D61EX-23 Price: £78,500
2009 KOMATSU D51PX-22 SUPER LGP &...
Year: 2009 Hours: 6812 Make: Komatsu Model: D51PX-22... Price: £66,500
2001 KOMATSU PC450LC-6K 26M HIGH...
Year: 2001 Hours: 8050 Make: Komatsu Model: PC450LC-... Price: £68,500
Year: 2000 Hours: 8214 Make: Komatsu Model: PC200EN-... Price: £17,750
2016 KOMATSU PC490LC-10 28M HIGH...
Year: 2016 Hours: 1085 Make: Komatsu Model: PC490LC-... Price: £439,500
2002 Komatsu WA470-5H
Year: 2002 Hours: N/A Make: Komatsu Model: WA470-5H Price: £29,500
Year: 2016 Hours: 1600 Make: Komatsu Model: PC490LC-... Price: £429,500
2017 KOMATSU PC350LC-8 HRD 23M HI...
Year: 2017 Hours: 250 Make: Komatsu Model: PC350LC-... Price: £335,000
2003 KOMATSU PC228US-3
Year: 2003 Hours: 10000 Make: Komatsu Model: PC228USL... Price: £19,500
Year: 2003 Hours: 1693 Make: Komatsu Model: PC15R-8 Price: £5,995
Year: 2012 Hours: 8017 Make: Komatsu Model: WA320-6 Price: £39,995